Friday, 26 May 2017

158. Visit to City Gin Distillery

On a glorious sunny evening this week, 15 of us headed off to the City of London Gin Distillery located in Bride Lane, just off Fleet Street. This distillery brought Gin distilling back to the City of London after an absence of nearly 200 years, when it opened in 2012.

The evening started with a City Distillery gin and tonic and this was followed by a comprehensive tour of the “in house” process and fascinating descriptions of the process and terminology. Alfie, our guide, was knowledgeable and amusing and he kept us well entertained!

The tour was followed by a description and tasting of the four other gins manufactured on site, and very good they were too! Following some platters of food (to soak up the alcohol) we left and went on our merry way home.

A very enjoyable evening where it was good to see some younger Members (and prospective Members) coming along to join us.

Photographs show the signage outside the distillery and our party during the tour.

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