Monday, 3 July 2017

173. Master’s Gift to the Company

It has become a tradition of the Company that at the end of his or her year, the Master presents a gift to the Company in recognition of the very enjoyable twelve months of events and leadership.

I have decided to make a gift in silver. The Master and Wardens have a silver goblet for their wine at our formal lunches and dinners. Until now, the Deputy Master has not had a goblet, so I have agreed to put that right!

After much searching, I found a lovely antique silver goblet. It was made by Henry Atkin in Sheffield in 1898 and this morning I collected it from the Silver Vaults in Chancery Lane.

If you have never visited the Silver Vaults they are well worth a visit – whether to browse or buy! What is now the London Silver Vaults was originally opened as The Chancery Lane Safe Deposit Company in 1876 – they rented strong rooms where Londoners could safeguard their silver, jewellery and personal documents.

The original building was bomb-damaged during World War Two. It was rebuilt as retail units at the request of many of the silver dealers who had previously rented space there, and opened in its present format in 1953. Now world renowned, it houses some 30 specialist shops within its walls.

I will present my gift to Mike Williamson (our 29th Master) at our Installation Lunch on Thursday 6th July. It means, of course, that I will be the first to use it!

Photographs show the entrance to the underground Silver Vaults and the goblet I will present to the Company.

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