Tuesday, 27 June 2017

168. Election of Sheriffs

Earlier this week the process of electing Sheriffs to serve in support of the Lord Mayor for the year 2017/18 took place in Common Hall at the Guildhall.

The term Common Hall describes a gathering of liverymen often associated with an election. There are two elections held each year to elect the Sheriffs (as close as possible to Midsummer Day in June) and the Lord Mayor (as close as possible to Michaelmas Day in September). The events are well attended by most of the Master’s of the 110 Livery Companies and any Liveryman (who can obtain a ticket) can also attend to vote.

The ceremony is very formal with the Common Cryer (who has an amazingly loud voice!) and the Town Clerk leading the proceedings. This year there were just two candidates for the two vacancies of Sheriff - an Aldermanic candidate, Timothy Hailes, and a Non-Aldermanic candidate, Neil Redcliffe. Both were appointed and made brief acceptance speeches.

Photographs show the papers for Common Hall, the Master with the Master Firefighter and Master Hackney Carriage Drivers before the ceremony, and the Lord Mayor swiftly departing the Guildhall prior to flying to eastern Europe to lead a delegation of bankers to Poland the Czech Republic and Romania.

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