Tuesday, 27 June 2017

170. Meetings with CIWM and CIWEM

Some of you will recall that Court Assistant David Richards has been leading discussions with Professional Institutions, CIWM and CIWEM, in seeking closer co-operation going forward.

I reported earlier on a meeting with CIWM CEO Dr Colin Church. A draft simple document which would provide, amongst other things, Fellows of the Institution the opportunity to apply to join our Company. This document is being considered by both organizations.

More recently, David met with CIWEM’s CEO, Terry Fuller at their London HQ and discussed a similar proposal to that discussed with CIWM. This met with considerable enthusiasm and David is hopeful of reaching agreement over the summer.

This is great news for our Company and could enhance our status within the Institutions and provide potential growth in our membership.

Well done David!

Photograph shows the London HQ of CIWEM.

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