Friday, 30 June 2017

171. Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy

Fiona and I were fortunate to attend the Summer Exhibition earlier this week at the Royal Academy in Piccadilly. This exhibition is one of our favourite events in the London Summer Calendar. (Photograph shows the outside of the Royal Academy building).

For those of you that have never been the exhibition is an eclectic mix of paintings, sculptures and models chosen by a panel from the Royal Academy – anyone can enter a piece of art for consideration so there is a mixture of famous and unknown artists and sculptors. Most of the works are for sale and we have bought some interesting pieces over the years.

This year, the centre piece in the Central Hall was a converted motor scooter with long arms and glass containers for carrying liquids (see photograph). It did occur to me that if we ever get fed up with the Bouget (an ancient way of carrying water) that is an integral part of our coat of arms and regalia, then maybe this could be a substitute!

The exhibition runs until 20th August and if you are in London it is worth taking a look – tickets can be purchased on-line in advance. (Photograph shows the List of Works on display, complete with prices).

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